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Fall In Love with Nature...

Magical elephants on a big mission

One day whilst out on adventure, the Tiny Tusks and their joyful crew stumbled across a magical tree, right in the heart of their paradise island. Little did they know that by finding this tree, they were about to embark on the biggest magical adventures! 


Tiny Tusks are powerful teachers, entertainers and story-tellers, passionate about engaging with our children in a light and entertaining way.  Teaching them about nature, our wider environment and some of the challanges it faces. Lots of fun facts in bite size nuggets.


We want to inspire them to fall in love with nature and all its magic and colour. To become not only nature embassaders but planet protectors too, making positive choices for a more balanced and inclusive future.Perfect for today’s nature-loving generation. 


Tiny Tusks is an awesome elephant-based brand. They're brilliant teachers, entertainers and story-tellers for today's

planet-loving generation. Happy at home. At home in schools. Engaging online. Great fun at bedtime.

Beautiful on stationery, online apps, games and plush.


There's nothing the Tiny Tusks can't do!

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Click my head!

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