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Picture book and animation outlines

Somewhere in a far-off sea of dreams is a perfect paradise island. It's home to eight awesome little elephants who have magical powers to protect three island from a mischievous monkey called Queen Mah Mah. They are called the Tiny Tusks... 

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The Secret of Tiny Tusk Island

An amazing paradise island, home to eight little elephants and their funny band of friends.


One day, the elephants decide to adventure through the dark rainforest. At its heart, they come across a magical rainbow tree.


What happens next is the start of something truly awesome.

The Banana Superhighway

The new Banana Superhighway is threatening to wreck the rainforest. Tiny Tusks to the rescue!


With their awesome special powers, can they put ratbag Queen Mah Mah in her place and solve the problem of the squishy, black bananas?


Their friend Sedrick the sloth hatches a secret plan that tempts Mah Mah out of her Palace and shows her the error of her greedy ways.

The Sunshine Pancake Shack

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After last night’s storm the sun is out. What a great day for an early morning swim! They all stroll down to the beach only to find that it’s 

covered in piles of washed up rubbish.


Queen Mah Mah and her monkey troop turn up to sunbathe with their banana leaf floats. 

Mah-Mah hates to admit it — they’re all going to have to work together to clean up the mess.


They build an amazing Banana Pancake Breakfast Shack out of the rubbish and sit side-by-side muching pancakes in the sun. Almost friends... for a day at least!

The Glorious Island Bake-off

Nutty Spread square.png

A delicious smell had been hanging over the island all week. It was nearly time for the Annual Island Bake-Off, and everyone was making cakes and crumbles and cookies.

Queen Mah Mah has hatched a plan to win the competition by using the banned chocolate nutty spread from the other side of the Island.

However she is double-crossed by one of her own monkey troop resulting in a surprising bake-off winner.

The Big Buzz

Flower Power Square NO WORDS.png

Yara goes to call on Makshi at her beautiful hive hanging in the forest. A huge bee council is underway. Queen Mah Mah has ordered her monkeys to pick all the forest flowers to make garlands for her upcoming birthday bash. Honey production is down and the bees want their nectar back. Yara calls on the butterflies, dragonflies and lightening bugs to carry the garlands back to the forest.


The Tiny Tusks replace the garlands with island-friendly decorations and a big elephant shaped pinata and return the flowers to their rightdul place. Mah Mah feels secretly sorry for her selfish behaviour but will never admit it to the Tint Tusks. Instead she has fun bashing her elephant shaped piñata!

A Missing River

TT Mah Mah Dam NO WORDS.png

Something isn’t quite right on Tiny Tusks island. The river has stopped babbling. Blithering biltong! Queen Mah Mah and her monkey troop are rolling boulders into the river to divert it to their palace in Knotweed Valley. Mah Mah's cousin is coming to stay and she is just as mischievous and naughty as Mah Mah. 


In a bid to impress her, Mah Mah has decided to make a luxurious swimming pool for them so that they can float around on their banana leaf floats drinking coconut cocktails! 


The tapirs are parched, the crocs are crabby and Sedrick the sloth has ground to a halt.


How will the Tiny Tusks save the day?  


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